Broot's World, LLC is Broot's record label residing in Salem, NH.



Broot - Rapper, producer, engineer (Haverhill, MA)

No other artists/creators at this time.



If you are an artist that creates your own content and want to inquire about signing to the label, please consider the following:

  • Must have social media accounts (at least 2 social media platforms under your artist name), without social media it is very difficult to connect with fans in today's age
  • Must create your own content: Original lyrics, no remixes, covers or parodies; no samples that aren't cleared, no instrumentals that aren't paid for/licensed to distribute
  • Must have some form of a catalog already; at least 5 original songs/tracks (an album/EP/mixtape can count in some scenarios)

If you meet the criteria above and want to learn more, please email [] and in the subject line, enter "Label Sign-Up" - or else the email is likely to get pushed back. If you have a question about the criteria above or other general questions regarding the label, you may email us at that same email address as well.


Broot's World, LLC • 2020




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