The BROOTal View

The BROOTal View is a show (AKA failed attempt at a podcast) where Broot and sometimes his friends get together and record themselves talking about random life topics. Due to how profane and vulgar the conversations are, they aren't for everyone (Parental Advisory warning). However, for most people that aren't a bunch of pussies, the show may be for you.

Want to watch Broot and friends randomly discuss topics while possibly f***ed up? Go to his YouTube channel (link below), and for any suggestions, questions or concerns you may comment below or on those videos. If you do go over, be sure to subscribe to the channel to stay updated for more content.

At the moment, there's no set schedule for episodes since there aren't too many followers... and to be frank I'm busy as f***. I'll release much more content (music, music videos, blogs, AND episodes) the more fans the show gets.

The BROOTal View Logo

Visit the YouTube channel by clicking the link below:

Broot and The BROOTal View





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